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Steering wheel shakes intermittently

steering wheel shakes intermittently It never happens when just driving (only when brakes are applied), and it never happens at lower speeds (e. 2004 Honda CR-V, ~140k miles, overall good condition. I have 2 issues: intermittent vibrations on the steering wheel, and very slight right biased angle on the wheel. The steering wheel, or even the entire car, will start to vibrate. Steering wheel vibration of about 1/8”. I recently had to have a lot of suspension parts replaced in the rear (so that wouldn't affect the steering wheel vibrating), but I also had a full 4 wheel alignment done. I'm having a rather difficult time figuring this out. Steering wheel shakes horribly bad and vears to the left. After installing a tire on the rim – you balance it with weights to make sure that it is perfectly balanced. 70mph sucks. I have an 08 GX470 and I'm experiencing intermittent vibration/shudder when braking at highway speeds. One other test is to turn the wheel completely one way, firmly squeeze the steering rack boot and have someone shake the steering wheel about 5 to 10 degrees. Stock size. The vibration comes from snow and ice stuck in the wheels. More now than ever, the vehicle shakes as well when going high speeds, something that I'm not sure I missed before, or it's gotten worse recently. Ok, on the $1500 special (98 Disco 1) this bleedin steering wheel shaking comes on, pretty much without warning, if the wheel is lightly jerked or the brakes stabbed it goes away. . Try to turn a little bit to the right and a little bit to the left and see if the values change. It also may feel like driving over rough pavement or rumble strips. This usually means that either a wheel is bent or a tire is out of round. The car and steering wheel vibrates at high speeds beginning at 71 mph and gets worse the faster you drive. There are other possible causes of a shaking steering wheel though. Most tire and wheel imbalance problems make themselves evident between 45 and 50 mph. Bent rims, period. And then, when I hit the brakes to decelerate, let's say to exit the highway, the steering wheel REALLY starts to vibrate and shake. ! They want me to pay out of pocket 1st and maybe it will be recalled. The most common reason your tires shake or your steering wheel vibrates is simple: Your tires are out of balance. Any shaking, banging, wobbling etc should be addressed immediately. Shimmy is basically the wobbling of your front wheel on its steering axis, leading to a distinctive side-to-side shake at the front end of your vehicle. Discussion Starter • #1 There are common problems that cause your steering wheel to shake when you apply the brakes. I'll also pay more attention to whether that higher intensity abates just when reducing speed, and/or when turning the steering wheel. The vibration/shake occurs about 75% of the time when I'm at highway speeds, the other 25% of the time the truck is smooth as glass. It has happened when getting off the freeway speed was 40mph, and when switching lanes on the freeway at 65mph. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 16 of 16 Posts. If it doesn’t, you might have a faulty steering angle sensor. I had them straightened for $400, waste of money, don't bother, it just changed the vibration and did not solve it. Only happens at 68-72MPH, then goes away at all other speeds? Does it regardless of 2WD, 4A, 4L,4H. Since then, the steering wheel shakes like it is a tire balance issue. Started at about 70,000 miles. in both directions. Any speed lower than 60 and no shake or noise. Beforehand, the steering wheel would start to shake pretty heavily at 50 MPH and not go away no matter how much I sped up. It gets worse around 60 mph but starts to get better at high speeds. It will shake for about 10 seconds, then go smooth for about 10 seconds. Diagnosing And Repairing Wheel Vibration. I first brought the car maybe 6 months ago. Dry Guide Pins If your steering wheel shakes when you apply the brake, dry guide pins could be the defaulter. 1,000 miles ago I had new rotors put on since they were below min. up to 1/2 in. (Truck now has 6k miles) The shake varies, sometimes it just feels like only a little road vibration, but other times gets so bad the steering wheel visibly shakes back and forth (1/8" to 1/4" movement). A shaking steering wheel can be caused by many things, such as bad wheels, bad alignment, suspension damage, and damaged tires just to name a few. The team at YourMechanic is an excellent option since we make house calls. In order from least expensive to most, they are: dry guide pins, worn brake pads, and worn rotors. Certain alignment issues in the back end can cause the steering wheel to vibrate as it shakes the car from side to side, for instance. It does not happen all the time, just intermittently. The problem is intermittent which is difficult to diagnose. Copy that thank you! 12 minutes ago, datzenmike said: Hey guys. but I could feel it through the seat. wheel just shakes and shakes. Maybe you've got some funky tire wear (which would mean you need FCABs at the least) Last edited by Volf; 10-26-2010 at 03:51 AM . Now at about 40K Miles and the steering wheel vibration is downright embarrasing. 8 Roadster w/78,000 miles. The problem at speeds between 55-65 mph, I notice it mostly as I'm driving onto the interstate from the on ramp. The most common cause of a shaking steering wheel while driving is, without a doubt, a damaged or unbalanced tire. 1. For the last few days, I have noticed the steering wheel on my Model 3 shaking. But the one time I jacked the right front tire and ran it up to 80 MPH it still shook. Sometimes the steering wheel will feel like bad tie rods, shaking left to right. 1) Flex Hose - When your parked and turn the steering wheel you feel a vibration 2) Lower Control Arms - At 110-115km/h the steering wheel shakes 3) Steering Shaft - When your car is parked steering is stiff TSB 2036032/2 The shudder vibration may be noticed mostly during light throttle acceleration of 30-64 mph (48-104 km/h) during steady state driving with the transmission not actively shifting gears. The problem still persists. Man!! When it starts its in the chassis but it jumps to immediately shaking the steering wheel uncontrollably!! I can be driving smooth as butter at 65 stab the brakes not press , and it will dive , dart left and start the shake !! It also does it when it seems the front right wheel is unloaded ! Like in a curve to your right at 65 to 70!! Noticing steering wheel vibration on highway over 65mph. I also had winter tires mounted and balanced at the same time. The road surface was rubbish, but I wouldn't expect this to be the reason (happy to stand corrected) as I drive on it everyday. spec and that seemed to cure the braking shakes. So in conclusion, if your feeling an intermittent vibration betweeen 55-75 mph, that it gets worst when the engine is under load, the axles might be to replace. It occurs intermittently at varying speeds, from 1-3 minutes, and then goes away for awhile. I know this is a pretty common issue and usually solved by balancing tires, but mine is somewhat different. Had a slight vibration. I suggest you have a professional technician, like one from YourMechanic, inspect your vehicle’s steering wheel issue firsthand to determine if my theory is correct. If the steering wheel shakes at 50mph or so and it is followed by a burning smell, you should immediately take the car to a repair shop. Due to long run of this problem the car has developed some extra smaller issues. Got tie rod ends, ball joints, and shocks replaced this summer so it's probably not any of those. Acceleration is sluggish. When driving on the highway, around 60-70mph, my steering wheel begins to shake. Entered service in 2017. Was told my vin number is not one of the recalled cars. I cant' really be sure though. . IGOTASUBARU is an online forum and community for all Subaru enthusiasts. I'm thinking if this is caused by just the wheels, then it should do it all the time. Discussion At 60 MPH+ especially, the steering wheel violently shakes left and right. Why Your Car Vibrates. The way I usually check wheel bearings is by lifting the front. The only thing i can find is this: #PIT5037 Brake Pulsation or Vibration Felt In The Steering Wheel - (Oct 1, 2010) Brake Pulsation or Vibration - GM Techlink This was a print out that a dealer gave me to take back to my dealer. My steering wheel shakes now only after I go through a roundabout turn too quickly. Greetings, I have a 2004 AWD base Vibe (140,000 miles with auto transmission, A/C) that has an intermittent vibration problem mostly felt in the steering wheel. As the 3. It does one good to note that cars are made up of thousands of interconnecting parts—some estimate there are over 30,000 parts in the average vehicle—and is a dynamic beast, which can complicate diagnosis. I feel the vibrations mostly on the floor, but sometimes also on the steering wheel. The shaking is not consistent, it is for sure seat of the pants. Hi all, Love my new 2021 refresh Model 3 however about a week after delivery I noticed a wierd random intermittent vibration coming from the front and felt in the steering wheel pretty much when the car is cold (sub 20c or so) or first thing in the morning. This vibration is more pronounced The car was always giving a vibration felt on passenger side at 100+, with some random intermittent steering wheel shaking. I thought it was the While driving at speeds around 48 to 51 mph, you can feel the steering wheel start shaking sometimes if you take your foot off the gas petal it will stop but more than not it will go into a violent shake to where one can hardly hang onto the steering wheel. I drive the same roads/hwys everyday and the areas of vibration or smooth driving change all the time so its definetly not the roadway causing vibrations. But sometimes it will not do it, weird as heck. Only other thing I can think of is to rotate your tires from front to back. The brake caliper could be responsible too, but only in older vehicles. under 50). I have an odd wobble in the steering wheel of my 1998 Z3 2. The two most frequent causes of a shaky steering wheel are either warped brake rotors, which will cause your steering wheel to shake when you brake, or unbalanced tires, which will cause your steering wheel to shake when driving at high speeds. The reason the vibration may not be occurring all the time is that the front tires may be different sizes due to different air pressures or they are different brands or models. 12000 kms(7200 miles). ŁDo not confuse this symptom with consistent shimmy when braking. Steering rack is fairly new too. Did the whole steering wheel kit, 12 diff tires and etc. Possible Cause #1: Uneven or low tire pressure. The steering wheel vibration starts at 65mph, gets violent at 70mph and can sometimes be intermittent. Steering wheel shakes starting at about 55-60. If severe enough, then it may feel like like it wants to jump right out of your had. A couple of things come to mind. 1. Badly rusted rotors can also cause the brake pads to grab or bind when stopping, causing the steering wheel to shake violently. Post #7. I check several times to make sure the emergency brake is not set. This may get worse the faster you are driving. Went to the dealer (and another dealer) to check out this issue and they all say "that's how a Mustang is supposed to feel". The van now drives like new, there is absolutely no deadspot in the steering and the ride is really comfortable. Re: shaking/vibration in front end & steering wheel. Below is the details of what has been done so far. The shudder feeling may be evident in both Drive and M5 mode. New TRD rims and BFG KO2s. Tires take a beating when they hit potholes, bridge expansion joints, and curbs. Steering Wheel vibration at 50+ mph. I had contacted Chevrolet Customer Service after the 3rd visit and they opened a case for me. Thought it might be the struts. My slight vibration is between 55-70. Check the steering arm to strut bolts - especially if you are running bump steer spacers, if those come loose you will get play that could cause that wobble. This is typically the sign of a bad or failing equalizer and/or caliper. Steering wheel shimmy, jiggle, or shake can be linked to several different problems and sometimes more than one. For about 2 minutes there are no problems and then it begins. There are two bolts facing upward, at the end lf the track bar. 1994 Honda prelude vibration in steering wheel. I started to replacing both front CV axles. Getting a buzzing that I can also feel in steering wheel and is coming from behind the steering wheel. . The tires, CV joints, struts, and mounts were all checked and OK-ed by a car mechanic. On the interstate, it was worse about 60-65 mph & got smoother around 80. A wobble in the steering wheel feels like the wheel is shaking to the left and right. Many people experience vibration in the steering wheel, the seat, or underneath the car. The symptoms may include a lateral (side to side) shake and possible oscillation of the steering wheel. shake and possible oscillation of the steering wheel. I can hear it more than I can feel it until I reach highway speeds at which point the steering wheel is shaking and vibrating pretty consistently accompanied by the intermittent noise. The car pulls to one side. I have replaced / resufraced breaks, bought new tires, ahd new tires balanced 5 times at 3 different places in total. Car has 14000 miles. steering wheel shakes in your hands. Most of the time, I can only feel it in my seat, floorboard, etc. With tires with a problem, the vibrations can cancel out (as felt in the steering) when the tires are both "in sync" and then that condition goes away temporarily as you drive and a vibration is felt. 3L My car has a vibration that translates up through the steering wheel. Then I'll give the wheel a spin for any sounds it may make, I'll have the car in neutral for that. . Check your brake pads as well for uneven wear (pad failure or poor seating) and the caliper for "freezing" or "leaking", all could be possible. Letting off throttle or increasing throttle makes it stop. Possible Cause #3: Loose ball joints. Afraid that vehicle will lose control due to sudden brake and shudder in steering. This can be alarming and sometimes a little scary, but the cause is usually benign. Intermittent steering wheel shake. Possible Cause #2: Loose steering gear or linkage. Worn Brake Pads When you step on the brake pedal, the caliper applies pressure on the brake pads that further push 2. It is intermittent, and feels almost like a wheel balance issue. I've had the tires balanced, rotated, etc. About a month ago, I started noticing an intermittent faint vibration in the steering wheel while driving at highway speeds. There is also a burning rubber smell that Iwill notice after several minutes of driving. This has happened several times intermittently; the steering wheel shakes when backing out of the garage turning into the "turn-around" spot, it has also happened while turning into my driveway . It is intermittent, it came for about 10 seconds and went away. In town, driving 37-44 mph, the steering wheel vibrates, sometimes harder than others . The p/s reservoir was low and I topped it off. Local dealer has had it for 4 days "chasing it" but say they won't stay on it but just a couple hours a day! I bought a 2017 GLC 300 4MATIC at the end of November. I have left the car at the dealer for a total of 3 weeks over the Honda - Prelude :: 1994 - Intermittent Vibration Through The Steering Wheel. 2016 4Runner Trail Edition Premium. If the vibration goes away as you let off the accelerator that is the first indication. This shaking starts at around 50-55 miles per hour (mph). Power steering shuts off mid driving or isn't on when I start the car. It ALSO started vibrating ( sporadically) on START UP in the mornings, (after a week of ownership). Having the tires rotated, like what RBarrios has suggested will help identify if the problem follows the (problem) wheel to the back of the vehicle, or if the problem 'stays' up at the front-end. if up and down then it is likely something else (on a car i would say ball joints) on a truck not sure?, but someone here will be able to tell ya, so if you can look next time and figure out which way the steering wheel is shaking the info will help. It isn't speed sensitive. Tires are like 2 years old, full wheel balance and wheel alignment at the dealer w/ VGRS reset @ 105K. I've also noticed at speeds around 70 or so i hear a pop sound that sounds like someone tapped the bottomside of the drivers floorboard with the end of a ratchet. It happens intermittently. The vibration is in the steering wheel and not so much in the rest of the car. Normally the vehicle speed will need to be reduced in order to stop the shimmy. An alignment issue will Tires are one of the most common causes of car vibrations. Here’s what I’ve done so far: When the vibrations I had intermittent vibrations from about 60-70mph ranges. You have to try and get safely to shoulder and stop. Steering wheel feels loose. Also, I hear a "ticking" sound in the front right wheel at low speeds. I know that steering wheel shake is the norm with these cars and you never know the culprit until you start replacing stuff sometimes. It is very consistent. As a result, you will experience jumpy or choppy steering. Guess ill have to wait until its recalled. by them, another dealer, and a tire shop to no avail. It started with steering wheel getting intermittent and random jerks to the right after driving for about 20 minutes on the highway at any speed any gear but only at around 1/6 throttle. A bad wheel bearing can cause all the symptoms you describe along with an intermittent ABS light if the bearing has enough play in it (the hub wiggles enough to move the rotor away from the ABS sensor). g. I had the car aligned and tires rotated (tires had only a few thousand miles on them so it was time to rotate anyway). Other times it feels like the car is bouncing up and down. Sounds as if something is loose with the steering component. Agian intermittently but every drive has a random series of different vibrations and times of perfect comfortable ride. com I've had steering wheel shake/vibration for quite some time now going 50mph+ driving/braking. The steering wheel shakes like crazy. IK0500038 -Steering Shake, Shimmy Golf IV / Jetta IV :: Steering Wheel Getting Intermittent And Random Jerks - Front End Shake? VWVortex, so I've had some issues with my MK4 recently (go figure). the wheels shake side to side and the vibration is "rotational" in the wheel itself. Took car to have service to have tires road force balanced. Any type of noise that occurs while you are turning the steering wheel can potentially indicate that there is something wrong with the steering system. Warped Rotors Typically the warning signs that lead to this issue include: The steering wheel vibrates when the vehicle reaches highway speeds (55 mph and above) The shaking progressively gets worse the faster the vehicle drives The shaking goes away when you decelerate below highway speeds Steering rack play (hope its not this) Warped rotors will only make it shake when you're braking. The in and out shaking of the front and rear of the tires should cause the steering wheel to move. I recently replaced the 2 rear rims and my seat/chassis vibration is now gone. Worn brake pads, loose connections, worn shocks, or bad brake discs can all result in a shaky steering wheel, and many of these issues are accompanied by other symptoms as well. It feels like the vibration of the tire treads rolling over the road is being transferred to the steering wheel Same exact issue as everyone else. Your problems won’t be noticeable at slow speeds, but the shaking will intensify as you accelerate to 55-60 miles per hour. Since it is only happening while braking, conventional wisdom would Put a scan tool on it and check the abs sensor while moving. The braking is weird, it "crabs" when touching the brake pedal. There are 3 Steering problems. All 4 tires have been replaced and all 4 tires have been road-force balanced. In addition, when I engage the car into drive their is an If vibration does start, then ~65mph is the most intense, and there can be brief periods where it get's more intense then abates. 2 days ago I had my 265/70/17 General Grabber ATX tires rotated and re-balanced, shake is still present. The steering wheel on any type of automotive vehicle should operate quietly, at all speeds. 45-55 was bad. - Muncy, PA, USA Does your Audi shake, shimmy or vibrate? This could be the reason … Snow and ice begin to build up around the interior of the wheels and can cause your car to ride really rough. Nor sure about the 2001 model, but on the 97 model, the track bar bolts to the frame on the driver's side. The other parts, when they have gone bad have different symptoms. Either the tire/wheel assemblies have excessive radial force variation, the rear driveshaft (propshaft) is out of balance or the right side engine mount needs to be shimmed 3 mm. Beginning in June 2017 it got worse, and the steering wheel would shake violently about 1 inch back and forth with a corresponding knocking and the car would pulse when braking from highway speeds. : There are common problems that cause your steering wheel to shake when you apply the brakes. Only happens at random times it seems. In order from least expensive to most, they are: dry guide pins, Warped rotors are the most common issue. and from there up to 75 shakes Left after 2 hours and after 3-4 miles at about 40 mph on the hwy, the steering wheel had a bad shake like you get in a 4 x 4 with mud stuck on the rim. I would think a loose wheel or imbalanced tire would cause vehicular vibration, not just steering wheel shake (just to be clear on the vibration, the steering wheel slightly rotates approximately 1/4" left and right--not up and down or side to side). When I go around a curve or turn on the highway, sometimes the shaking will go away and the steering will be tight and precise. - Sometimes, at speed (like this morning), the wheel transfers vibrations (I don't get a free hand massage but the wheel can be seen shaking). I had an intermittent vibration in the steering wheel and through the seat/chassis, come to find out, I had 4 bent rims. It doesn't make the car steer in either direction when it's doing this. Other parts could be worn as well. It can depend on speed as well, so if you're experiencing shaking at "high speeds" (above 40) and none below, it still could be "warped rotors". Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 8 of 8 Posts. Feels like it's about to fall off. Since January 2, 2014 I've had this vehicle into a dealer 4 times and I still have the vibration in my steering wheel. Heavyhaulerss, does your steering wheel shake side to side like right left, or does it shake up and down?? if right to left then likely tyres, wheel bearings. My 2012 Limited 4X4 with 5-speed manual has been having an intermittent issue that's creating vibration in the steering wheel, a knocking/rubbing sound from the front driver side, and starting this morning a bad left/right wobble in the steering wheel that was bad enough I had to pull over. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk December 6th, 2017, 08:17 PM #2 Some vehicles may exhibit one of the following types of vehicle or steering wheel vibrations: Steering wheel "nibble" - A side-to-side rotational oscillation of the steering wheel that is typically most noticeable at vehicle speeds above 100 km/h (60 mph) "My steering wheel is shaking - Do I need an alignment?" We get this question a lot and wanted to clear the air on what causes this. The wobble showed up suddenly about a week ag I have a new 2020 CT5 that now has 3000 miles on it. So, for the last 2 years or so my steering wheel would shake 1-3mm at highway speeds. One of the possible issues you might be dealing with in this context are out-of-balance tires. 4 When the vibration is occuring at highway speeds the entire car shakes, and the steering wheel has a shake too at the same frequency. It will all of a sudden just start to "come in" after a few minutes driving at 65 mph. Checking the rear rotors would be the next logical step. The bolts work loose. taken to dealer twice they have rotated CADILLAC ESCALADE ESV 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 cadillac escalade esv. Field tech states that the shaking is normal. These weights could come loose after a while and cause a shaking steering wheel if the front tires lost the weights. Just like, vibrations throughout. Ever since, it has been having intermittent vibrations. Today We replaced the front right Wheel Hub assemply. If you notice that your steering wheel is shaking when you are slowing down, there is a very good possibility that your problem is with your brakes. V8-4. Went back to dealer for rebalancing after they had originally installed my new wheel combo. Place your steering wheel straight, and you should see a signal of 0 degrees turned. If I go faster than 65-70 mph . When the vibration is occurring, I can feel the vibration in the steering wheel about 25% of the time. 3L automatic, 34K miles), which has recently been annoying me… The problem started about 4 months ago, when I got new tires and a brake job (pads + rotor resurfacing). As your brake pads press into a rough, rusted area of the rotor, braking and steering will be rough as well. Dont merely look at it, go ahead and tighten them. I call out of work and decide to head back home before I get stranded somewhere. You might not even feel it until you pick up some speed. The vibration is usually felt when applying the brakes in a panic type situation at freeway speeds, and can also be noticed when coming to a final stop like at a stop light. If they rotate at I've been having some intermittent steering wheel shake while driving around 60mph or greater. 09 Pilot, steering wheel vibration started at about 20K miles. The most common reason for a car to shake is related to tires. Vibration In Car Above 62 miles per hour. Personally I am thinking driveline, but hard to say for sure, I know GM junk, not Toyota's. https://www. Problem: Steering Shimmy. Took car to another tire expert and paid for road force Did the vibration improve, stay the same, or become worse with the installation of new parts? If the vibration only occurs when applying brake pressure then it is most likely something brake related. . They will freak out on those when a wheel bearing starts going bad. ŁThe steering system may go into a shimmy after hitting a bump or during a curve. Hi all, I have a 2008 Mazda3 (2. Now, it starts about 55, but doesn't do it all the time. Almost feels like the wheel has a mind of its own. Here are the symptoms: Cold mornings are most likely to see a strong wobble in the While at low speed I can hear and somewhat feel an intermittent vibration/noise that seems to come from the front end of the car. I have owned the car for 11 months and have tried to track when it happens and when it does not. It's very bad when 1st driving the car in the morning, at all speeds, for about 10 miles or so, then it goes away. fredflintstone · Registered. Steering wheel shakes, makes a clicking noise with the slightest turn or move of the wheel, vibrates and makes a loud noise when going over the slightest bump. Last week while driving at about 80mph, I felt a vibration that felt like it was coming from the rear of the Jeep. Intermittent vibration around 100kmh(62mph). Took my 2011 Subaru dealership 4 times for steering wheel shaking. My car has had a steering wheel shake for a few years, but it's not the typical "only at certain speeds", or "only when brakes applied" type shake. s. F. With that being said, it’s important to make absolutely sure that you are only feeling the steering wheel shake when you brake. A misaligned vehicle is a reason for the tires to wear unevenly, which eventually leads to steering wheel shakes at high speeds. Joined Apr 17, 2013 · 3 Posts . All of sudden this week, I have a random steering wheel vibration shake which happens at highway speeds. Magically the 100+ shaking in the cabin gone. But i wanted to see if you had any suggestions for what to look at. If the tires are out of balance then the steering wheel can shake. If bad enough I suppose id could be translated into the rest of the car from the wheels vibrating in the steering side to side. In the forum you will find an informative tech area, a place for Member’s journals, Vendors with special Members pricing, and monthly contests. The car is less than an month old This vibration can be caused my different things but from the symptoms you are describing it seems to be that the front axles may be worn. I have had shaking in steering wheel at 60-70 mph and brakes cause the car to shudder. A rotor in good working order should move freely and make a complete revolution without any bumps or signs of resistance areas. Usually it is when accelerating but most often at 50 mph +. Start By Checking Your Rotors If your steering wheel begins shaking while accelerating or driving then it is most likely a result of a warped rotor. Nissan checked all the tires and even took 4 known good tires and placed them on my car and still encountered the same problem. This heat can damage seals and bearings in the pump. The truck has new tires, new shocks, new steering damper, new steering box/pump/lines and that cross rod in front of the diff (not sure what it's called). Joined Mar 10, 2007 · 16 Posts . Rotor friction surfaces need to be absolutely flat. The vibration is quite violent. When I drive the car on the highway there is an intermittent vibration through the steering wheel. When your car is idling and the steering wheel vibrates, even intermittently, this can be a sign that the drive belt is malfunctioning. When I slow down to 50 or below the vibration stops. See full list on 700r4transmissionhq. This sounds like you have a lower ball joint that is worn allowing the the steering wheel to shake here is a guide to help you see what I am talking about so you can get the problem fixed. The pulsating will cause the wheel to shimmy or vibrate, and this vibration can be felt inside the car in the steering wheel if the warped rotor is on the front of the car. More often, a steering wheel that shakes when braking is caused by warped rotors, which your mechanic may be able to diagnose with a simple test -- that is, by spinning the rotors by hand to feel for imperfections. I was away from home last xmas and this is what they were thinking was the cause. the contact experienced issues with the steering in the vehicle while attempting to park. I notice a burning smell, smells like the catalytic converter. I've noticed if I'm going straight, there is no shaking, but if I merge or go around a slight curb, it starts up. Wouldn't a bad component in a rotating assembly create a vibration or shudder all the time, not just intermittently? Ball joints, tie rod ends, control arm bushings all seem to be good. 2carpros. The brakes grabbed when lightly touched them at 70 mph to avoid a truck that pulled into my lane. They offered to pay 10% what crap. Steering Wheel Shaking When Braking 1. I thought the wheel was loose! I pull over and all the lugs are tight with no apparent problems. There was no feeling of this in the steering wheel. It is off and on even at the same speed. If the vibration is being transmitted into the steering, it's highly likely the suspect is at the front end of your vehicle. Vibration a little better but still present. Then looking for play in the wheel at all. J. Bunch of b. Steering intermittently goes into a shimmy after hitting a bump. A large chunk of ice may weigh as much as a pound and can throw the balance of your wheel off. Driving to work today on the highway, all of a sudden the steering wheel starts shaking and the car vibrates. com/articles/steering-wheel-shakes-when-accelerating-or-braking Please run down this guide and report back Cheers Intermittent Vibration on Steering Wheel. Then, without any reason, it Get Rid of Steering Wheel Shake When Braking. Those are the only vibration issues that I have seen with a K2XX truck. Vibration is not as crazy as the first time The vibration only happens under light to moderate throttle around 50-60mph and the steering wheel does not shake. Vibration at Certain Speeds Many people complain about experiencing vibration at certain speeds. You shouldn't feel any play in the inner socket, right at the base of the boot. Jiggsyking · Registered. There are several types of steering systems, but the rack- and-pinion has become the most popular because of its simplicity and precise response. Still has shaking at steering wheel. Feels like it is coming from drivetrain I guess. steering wheel shakes intermittently